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Five reasons why we need to stop thinking of skinny shaming as reverse discrimination

A really great article on why ‘skinny shaming’ doesn’t exist. There’s a lot in there that you can apply to a lot of things.

'Of course all lives matter. Of course all bodies are deserving of love and praise.

But only some lives – and only some bodies – are given that privilege as a birthright. Everyone else has to be louder in order to get even close to that status.’

wtnv live was soooo lovely and funny and touching and great and I won’t say anything else about it bc don’t wanna ruin it for anyone





Read entirely, then outside the brackets, then inside.

your writing gives me chills tbh

r u srs

i genuinely think that ‘drinks in the staircase!!!’ last night was the worst life decision i have ever ever made


Sexuality is fluid

you are permitted a maximum of one 3.4 oz (100 ml) bottle of sexuality per passenger, all bottles must be carried inside a ziplock bag and placed in a bin for inspection prior to boarding the aircraft

okay bitch you’ve swallowed cum voluntarily, you can take this goddamn wheat grass shot

Me out loud to myself at the Whole Foods juice counter (via foxxxynegrodamus)


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matriculaaaation innit

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Hungary 1980

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im so PUMPED about fall!!!!! ill wear 500 sweaters i dont care ill shove a whole pumpkin up my ass