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watching: orphan black; reading: daniel deronda by george eliot; listening to: sweater weather by the neighbourhood; dreaming of: a crossed off reading list and oxford in november rain

I hope Dorian fucks his way through the entire cast. Nobody left unfucked. It’s what Oscar would want.

– Best comment on a Penny Dreadful post on ONTD. (via towerofpimps)


peekaboo is essentially just making fun of babies for not understanding object permanence 

so it’s 3am, I am up in 5.5 hours, and I think it’s safe to say I am probably an insomniac again.

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been practising doing ma eyebrows

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what if like, draco didnt know what the mirror of erised was and harry made him go up to it and stood next to him and harry was like ” what do you see draco” and draco replied ” what do you mean what do i see its a mirror”

today’s aesthetic: i am merely a speck of dust in a universe full of stars


one person follow me itll be satisfying


blurry self portrait thing for art:3

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